Lakshmi Kumar

Lakshmi Kumar


Lakshmi Kumar is the Founder Director of The Orchid School, Pune. The school is under the banner Pradnya Niketan Education Society. She brings in her expertise in defining philosophical and ideological path to education. She is leading the team for institutional building, leadership development, pedagogic choices, curriculum enrichment program and above all students’ overall development.

Lakshmi Kumar has specialized in training culture workers from Sweden – teachers, social workers, lawyers, nurses and doctors – to work with multicultural communities. She has initiated exchange programs funded by Swedish Council for higher education with The Orchid School. She has been the academic supervisor and coordinator for Sweden-India Project- a field- based training program on trans cultural sensitivity for global social work – based in Orebro University, Sweden for last twenty-five years.

Speaking About

Are School Systems Ready for the Millennials?

Bringing changes in school climate to suit millennials: With the passage of time,
schools have evolved to adapt to the needs of the students. However, millennials
bring the need for adaptation beyond the physical space, teaching, learning
methods, curriculum and optional subjects. Millennials have their own mind-sets
and ways of working. Schools need to refocus their approach to create a school
climate to hone the mind-set, skillset, readiness of the millennials.